This is me on the left having a laugh with Erin!

    I  am a 50-something mom, and live in Connecticut with my husband and three children.  I love cooking and entertaining my friends and family, and just making people feel special and welcomed.  I'm either hosting our neighborhood's annual block party, having a few couples over for dinner, cooking for a gang of teenage kids or just having a girls' night. I love people, and more importantly FOOD!

    Simple, traditional

    To me cooking is very simple:  make it taste good and people wil enjoy it. if it were a math equation, it would look like this:  combine the recipes you grew up with and all the experiences you've had in your 20's, 30's, and 40's and the end result is a combination of fabulous recipes and valuable history.  If you share the sentimental value I attach to sharing my grandmother's unbelievable christmas cookie recipe at my annual cookie (martini) swap, we are going to be fast friends.