Hogmanay Traditions

Have a very Scottish New Year

Marcella, Dec 24, 2014 | Random Relevant Thoughts

I started thinking of doing a Scottish party after watching Brave and How to Train Your Dragon (1 and 2) with our granddaughter.  (Although the Dragon movies are set in some fictional Norse place, the dad is voiced by Gerard Butler who is Scottish and sounds it.) Turns out, the Scots really do up New Year's, or Hogmanay, mainly because Christmas was effectively banned in Scotland for 400 years—something to do with the Presbyterians.  And I think Oliver Cromwell was involved.  In any case, Christmas was not even an official holiday in Scotland until 1958.

Today Hogmanay is celebrated all across Scotland with street fairs, fireworks, fireball swinging (really!) and lots of food and Scotch whiskey.  And right after the stroke of midnight, everyone joins hands in a circle and sings "Auld Lang Syne."  So, in honor of our Hogmanay party:

"We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne".

Happy New Year.


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