Martian Food
Sep 18, 2015

The Martian will be in theaters on October 2nd, and the critics are saying it is a spectacular film. The novel,&n

Our Story

When we first started talking about All Toasty, there were four of us:  a retired tax lawyer (Marcella), a teacher with young children (Lauren), a lawyer (Lindsay), and a Gen X working mom with a background in interior design (Pam).  We all had one thing in common*: We love to cook for friends and family, to entertain, and to generally make ourselves, our families and our guests feel relaxed and comfortable.  Along the way, we have added another retiree (Marcia), two more lawyers (Erin and Bridget), and another working mom with young children and a background in PR (Amy). We all bring different skills to the table, but all of us are passionate about All Toasty.

*well, in addition to the fact that we are all related in one way or another.