A French Country Christmas

A French Country Christmas


Yield : 6-8


This is the menu that Marcella has been serving for Christmas dinner for many years. It's easy and elegant.  It unfortunately—by popular demand—includes green bean casserole, a recipe you won't find here, ever.  You can get it off the onion can.  (But, truth be told, we all love green bean casserole.)  Start with a few make-ahead hors d'oeuvres.

What to Drink :

Champagne, or any sparkling wine, would be good with the appetizers.  For dinner, serve the same wine that you used to make the red wine sauce for the tenderloin. And port would be wonderful with the chocolate mousse.


Set the dinner table with the Mamie Carreaux placemats and napkins, the Faustine plates and the Frisson water and wine glasses.

An hour or two before dinner, set out some cheese and crackers on the Revol black porcelain Rectangular Plate.  Arrange the shrimp on the Pillivuyt Rectangular Platter and the pinwheels on the Pillivuyt Quartet Square Plate.  Use the Revol larger Ramekin for the cocktail sauce.  If you're serving Champagne, use the Frisson flutes.

As for dinner, serve the tenderloin on the Faustine platter, with the sauce in the (ta da!) sauce boat; keep it warm on the dish warmer.  Reuse the Pillivuyt square plate for the potatoes, and put the broccoli in the Faustine round dish.  Feel free to serve the green bean casserole in any dish you have from the 1950's.


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