A French Country Christmas

A French Country Christmas


Yield : 6-8


Up to 2 days before:

  • Make the Prosciutto-Gruyère pinwheels and refrigerate.

Up to 1 day before:

  • Purchase the shrimp and the cocktail sauce (and if it's Christmas Eve, do it early or you will regret it until at least the day before the Super Bowl.)
  • Make the chocolate mousse and refrigerate.  Instead of making whipped cream, you can cheat and buy Cool Whip if you want—it will keep the green bean casserole company.
  • Make the red wine sauce, but don't add the final 3 tablespoons of butter.  Refrigerate.
  • Cut up the broccoli and refrigerate.

Early in the day of the dinner:

  • Make the green bean casserole and refrigerate.
  • Make the Twice-baked potatoes and refrigerate.
  • Prep the tenderloin and refrigerate.  Remove it from the refrigerator 3½ hours before you plan to serve it (or prep it right before you put it in the oven.)

2½ hours before serving:

  • Put the tenderloin in the oven.

1½ hours before serving:

  • Take the potatoes out of the refrigerator.
  • Serve the hors d'oeuvres.

½ hour before serving:

  • Take the tenderloin out of the oven and immediately increase the temperature to 400° F.
  • Put the green bean casserole and the potatoes in the oven.  Check frequently after 20 minutes to make sure they are not getting too browned.
  • Prepare the broccoli for the oven and put in the oven 20 minutes before you plan to serve dinner.
  • Reheat the sauce, and right before serving, add the butter.

Note:  The oven temperature for the vegetables and the potatoes assume that you only have one oven available.  If you have 2, heat the potatoes and the green beans for one-half hour at 350°F and the broccoli at 425°F for fifteen minutes.