Elegant Cocktail Party

Elegant Cocktail Party


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We love hosting cocktail parties, and thought that the combination of the sophisticated Miss Blackbirdy line, the Revol miniatures, and the overall black and white palette would be particularly elegant.  This party would be perfect for New Year's Eve, perhaps Valentine's Day, an Oscar party, or just a Saturday evening gathering with a dress code.


What to Drink :

Definitely champagne or a California sparkling wine—like our favorite, the Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs—either alone or with an ounce of liqueur, as in a Kir Royale.  Our favorite liqueurs at the moment are Chambord (raspberry) and St. Germaine (elderflower).  Another possibility is Lillet, a French aperitif, which you can drink by itself or add to the champagne.  Martinis would also be appropriately sophisticated.


Unless you hire waitstaff (and, while elegant, this party does not require waitstaff), serve the food buffet style.  Use the Miss Blackbirdy table runner, either conventionally down the middle of the table over a black tablecloth, or use two or three across the table, with or without the tablecloth.  Stack the Miss Blackbirdy 9" plates at the end of the table.  The Frisson glasses are very delicate and go very well with the Miss Blackbirdy pieces; use the champagne flutes as well as the water and wine goblets.  The Tomato, Avocado, and Goat Cheese Crostini is very colorful and would look wonderful on either the Revol Basalt plate or the tray.  Use the larger oval platter for the Steak and Arugula Crostini, and the smaller one for the Smoked Salmon appetizer (or vice versa, your call.)  We like to serve shrimp cocktail in glasses since you can put the cocktail sauce right in with the shrimp, so use the Revol Rondo glasses.  Then use a variety of the Revol miniatures—try the mini-saucepans and the mini-ramekins with handles—or even the small dipping bowls, for the Herbed Crabcakes and the Caviar in Potato Nests.

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