Yield : 12


This party is a traditional wedding or baby shower, so generally women only.  The timing is late morning on a Saturday or Sunday, with brunch food, served buffet style, but with everyone seated at the table to eat.  This menu is on the healthy side and can even work for vegetarians.  Hand your guests a mimosa when they arrive, and put out the Honey-Yogurt Dip with Fresh Fruit for them to munch on until the food is ready.

What to Drink :

Mimosas.  The standard ratio of Champagne (or any sparkling wine) to orange juice is 1:1.  You can of course vary that to suit each person's taste, pouring 2 parts Champagne to 1 part orange juice, vice versa, or anything in between.  Use only freshly squeezed orange juice—you can do it yourself, but most supermarkets these days have very good freshly squeezed juice (and Whole Foods' version is excellent.) Also have some other types of juices available:  perhaps V-8 juice and/or cranberry juice.  And have some dry white wine, perhaps a sauvignon blanc, and some club soda for anyone who does not like Champagne (mix half a glass of wine, about an ounce of club soda, and top off with orange juice.)


The Pip Studio line has a feminine palette and design, and so is perfect for a traditional wedding or baby shower, or even for a tea party in the garden.  We have highlighted the blue pieces here, but you could use the pink or the khaki, or mix and match colors.

Start with two or three table runners placed horizontally across the table, or you could use just one down the middle of the table in the traditional way. Use the Plissé plates.  We really like the bird place card holders, but you could also use the gold picture frames, which would pick up the gold in the dishes.  The Pillivuyt rectangular and square platters are neutral (you can never have too many white serving pieces!) and carry on the elegant feel of the table; use them for the turkey sausage and the prosciutto rolls.  Use the Pillivuyt lasagna baker to bake and serve the strata.  The large bowl is perfect for the salad; arrange the muffins and slices of the banana bread on the cake plate.  Pour the orange juice from the large jug, and serve the mimosas in the champagne flutes.

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