Tea Party

Tea Party


Yield : As few or as many as you want


This  party is an old-fashioned high tea like you would get at Harrod's in London or, closer to home, at the Drake in Chicago.  When we first saw the Pip Studio line, we immediately thought it would be perfect for a tea party.  We have since also used it for wedding and baby showers.

The menu is a mix of savory sandwiches, mini-deserts, and scones with clotted cream and jam.  And of course tea: black, green, herbal.  The time is late afternoon. The setting is in the garden if the weather cooperates, or inside with garden accents if not. Think Downton Abbey without Carson or the footmen.

What to Drink :

You should serve a variety of loose leaf teas:  black teas such as Darjeeling, Earl Grey, or English Breakfast Tea; green teas like Gyokuro or Dragonwell; and herbal teas, perhaps chamomile or peppermint.  Actually, herbal tea is not actually a tea—it is simply something that is added to boiling water (techically, an infusion.)  But, since many non-tea drinkers prefer herbal "tea", go ahead and serve it.  But no iced tea, and definitely no sweet tea!

And Champagne is always appreciated at a tea party. 


Use the Pip Studio Lovely Branches tablecloth, or, if it doesn't fit your table, the Early Bird runners.  The pink or blue (or a combination) dessert plates are a perfect size for tea; add the cup and saucer for the tea.  To serve, arrange the sandwiches and the desserts and scones on the cake plate, and the Victoria cake plates with a coordinating ribbon.  The hot water goes in the tea pot, the tea leaves in tea strainers, cream and sugar in the small jug and sugar bowl.   Put the clotted cream and the jam in a few of our favorite pink bowls (separately, of course.)  You can use the large jug for water or orange juice if you think anyone would like mimosas.

You can invite as few or as many people as you like—simply buy enough deserts and scones (see Timeline), and make enough sandwiches to feed your guests.  Allow 8 sandwiches (they're small), three deserts, and one scone per person.



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