Tea Party

Tea Party


Yield : As few or as many as you want


Because we are partial to mini-pastries for a tea menu, and because they are so labor intensive, we are inclined to be totally lazy and buy these.  You can do it the morning of the party or the day before.  While you're out, buy the scones too.

Up to 3 days before the party:

Make the egg salad and refrigerate until ready to assemble the sandwiches on the day of the party.

3 hours before the guests arrive:

Take out the goat cheese and the butter for the goat cheese sandwiches and the cream cheese for the cucumber sandwiches.

2 hours before the party:

Chop and toast the pecans and chop the watercress for the goat cheese sandwiches.

Chop the dill and slice the cucumbers for the cucumber sandwiches.

Chop the chives for both the cucumber sandwiches and the smoked salmon sandwiches.  Slice the smoked salmon.

hour before the guests arrive:

Trim the crusts off all of the bread and assemble the sandwiches.  Do the egg salad sandwiches last.  Cover the sandwiches with plastic wrap.  Just before the guests begin to arrive, arrange the sandwiches, the desserts, and the scones on the serving pieces.