Martian Food
Sep 18, 2015

The Martian will be in theaters on October 2nd, and the critics are saying it is a spectacular film. The novel,&n

Boonana Ghosts

Active time:5 minutes

Start To Finish:5 minutes


Serving size: 6

Fast and Easy , For Kids, Healthy
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1 bunch of bananas
mini and/or regular chocolate chips


Boonana Ghosts are an easy, healthy treat that that kids love to help assemble! Just cut your bananas in half and stand upright on the flat end, like ghosts. Use mini, regular sized chocolate chips, or a combination of both to form spooky faces. Eat immediately. 

If serving for guests, remember that very ripe banans show wear andtear. They will look spotty and mushy. This is also a snack to be eaten quickly, so make just before serving or your ghosts will start to brown. 

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