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Sep 18, 2015

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Cucumber Crocodile

Active time:35 minutes

Start To Finish:35 minutes


Source: Annabel Karmel

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1 carrot
2 cucumbers
variety of cheeses
fresh pineapple, cut into chunks, or 1 small can of pineapple chunks
2 cherry tomatoes


Cut wedge from one end of the main cucumber to form the crocodile's mouth. Cut a long, thin strip from the carrot with a vegetable peeler. Cut this stip down so that it will fit into the crocodile's mouth to form the teeth. Cut jagged teeth along the top of the strip and insert them into the crocodile's mouth.

Cut the second cucumber into two 1-inch-wide slices. Cut these in half and fashion them into feet, with a triangle cut out of them. Attach the feet to the whole cucumber using toothpicks cut in half.

Cut the cheese into cubes, then skewer cheese cubes and pineapple chunks onto toothpicks. Spear the ends into the cucumber. Cut a toothpick in half, and use the two halves to attach the cherry tomatoes to form the crocodile's eyes.


Annabel Karmel also suggests using cubes of ham or chicken in place of the cheese.

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