Pillivuyt Plissé Soup Plate

Product Specifications

Pillivuyt (pronounced PILL-ee-veet) has been making porcelain in France since 1818, and is one of France's oldest and most reputable porcelain brands.  All their pieces are fired at 2400° Fahrenheit, making them extremely strong and durable.  Pillivuyt porcelain is highly resistant to thermal shock, so it can go directly from the freezer to the oven, and the high firing temperature makes the glaze on the pieces non-porous, resistant to scratching and chipping, and easy to clean.  Pillivuyt porcelain is culinary grade and is made in France of the finest raw materials.

This soup bowl is part of the Plissé line.  Each item in this line picks up the pleating that is a familiar and key part of French porcelain items such as soufflé dishes and ramekins.  The pieces are durable enough for everyday, but are elegant and perfect for stylish entertaining.

Microwave and oven safe, even for broiling.

Can go directly from freezer to oven.

Excellent heat retention to keep food warm at the table,

Impenetrable glaze that will not craze (develop fine lines in the glaze), and is hygienic and easy to clean.

Dishwasher safe and resistant to scratching or chipping.

Bright white color.

8½" diameter; 8 ounces.