At Home With Marieke 14" Bowl Anne Grey

Product Specifications

This large grey checked bowl is part of the At Home With Marieke collection, which is designed by Marieke Strik.  Marieke is well known in the world of interior design, and owned the At Home concept shop in Denmark before launching her own line.  At Home With Marieke is a lifestyle brand, evoking the ease and comfort of home.  It has a country feel and combines the old and the new, mixing contemporary shapes with vintage patterns like the gingham which is featured prominently in the collection. The pieces are versatile enough to use everyday or for special occasions, year-round, inside or out.  The 3 main colors are red, blue, and grey—use them separately, or mix and match them to create different moods.

Made of earthenware.

Large-size grey and white check.

14" diameter.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.


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